Focuses on research opportunities arising from applications of new algorithms and technologies to generate consumer insights and automate product recommendations; improve privacy-preserving personalization; understand the increasingly complex advertising landscape and smart devices ecosystem; capture and analyze large unstructured data such as biomarkers, geolocation, networks, video, voice, and text in order to improve consumer experiences. Great Speakers and Speeches. ; Demolition of interior partitions throughout creating open floor plan with reception area, large collaborative work and meeting spaces and private offices and conference rooms. Get to know some of the students, professors and alumni whose unique experiences have led them to Northeastern and beyond . Studies companies from startups to large multinationals across a variety of industries. Mr. Brock's recent experiences include the creation of digital marketing strategies for over 50 state and private universities at Academic Partnerships, LLC, an online program manager, and the re-imagining of extension studies at San Diego State University Global Campus. Addresses the changes in editing practices through digitization and offers students advanced training in nonlinear editing utilizing Avid Media Composer. In the digital domain, our faculty seek to answer questions such as how digital products, social media, and online environments impact purchase, consumption, and product innovation; how consumers and firms respond to new digital technologies, digital communications and digital business models; how marketing actions affect online consumer behavior and lift company performance; and what drives marketing effectiveness and customer engagement. Dedicated to teaching students to write scholarly arguments in the discipline of public advocacy and rhetoric and to translate that work for a general audience. Attribute(s): NUpath Capstone Experience, COMM4625. Prerequisite(s): MKTG6318 with a minimum grade of C-, MKTG7001. (4 Hours). Although the focus is on Internet marketing strategy, phenomena such as television home shopping and database marketing are also explored. Explores a variety of approaches to making special effects for film, video, and the World Wide Web. #Black Twitter and Black Digital Culture. Focuses on developing student skill in analyzing the customer and business environment and using that analysis to build an effective marketing strategy. Through case study assessments and hands-on exercises, explores the process of marketing video techniques from designing, building, and executing marketing ideas to evaluating effectiveness and exploring online corporate identities. COMM4970. (4 Hours). Nonverbal Social Interaction. Research, Scholarship & Creative Practice. (4 Hours). The concentration in marketing encourages students to examine marketing as a driver of business growth, while considering the ethical and sustainable practices that are necessary for business and societal benefit. Media Relations Victor Balta 206-543-2580. Investigates the role of the producer in the production of content for traditional and new media venues. COMM2301. Advance Northeastern University's goal of giving 100% of students a global . Through a series of discussions, screenings, homework, and in-class exercises, offers students an opportunity to obtain skills in the basics of directing creative and technical talent and the skills needed to produce successful television studio productions. Send Feedback or Report a Problem Opens New Window. Students learn year-round through a personalized path of rich diverse academic, cultural and professional experiences. Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Business, or related field. COMM3308. (1-4 Hours). Attribute(s): NUpath Interpreting Culture, NUpath Writing Intensive, COMM3415. Offers students an opportunity to apply what they learn in the course to their personal and professional lives. (4 Hours). Explores historical, technical, and theoretical aspects of special effects. COMM1120. Students are given an historical perspective and a state-of-the-art analysis. our expertise Highlights An Award-winning Campaign. Covers the preparation of advertising for print and broadcast media, including campaign planning, space and time buying, and scheduling. Examines a wide range of analytical approaches to support marketing decision making and performance measuring in organizations. (4 Hours). MKTG6222. Offers students an opportunity to acquire marketable skills in the areas of business buyer behavior and communication, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing, sales call planning and presentations, negotiation, pricing, networking, and inbound marketing strategy. Designed to prepare students to work with audio in modern media settings. Designed to assist students in developing advanced public speaking and presentational skills for professional and leadership positions. Topics may include product innovation, market identification and segmentation, customer valuation, media attribution models, and assessment of digital and social media. MKTG6200. As a capstone course, the course also provides a transition for students from the role of receptive learners to independent researchers who can identify, answer, and defend research questions at the intersection of rhetorical theory and its neighbors (theories of argumentation, humor, style, politeness, courtship, and the like). | Examines communication and inclusion in the contexts of gender, race, sexual identity, social class, ability, and age. (4 Hours). May be repeated once. Studies in detail the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. The Associate Director of Marketing and Communications works closely with other units in the Chancellor's Office and throughout the university, such as External Affairs and Enrollment Management . Examines the role of marketing as an organizational function and a set of processes to manage offerings that provide superior value to customers. Focuses on several methods for critically researching visuals and applies these methods to examine and discuss several kinds of visuals, including photography, film/television, advertisements, arts, and urban spaces. Students learn the fundamentals of communication theory and practice, and develop a distinct area of emphasis, such as argumentation and advocacy, organizational and health communication, international and intercultural communication, or digital communication and social media. (4 Hours). Communications Specialist. Communication Theory. Combines the process of filmmaking with exploring Britains multicultural society, offering students an opportunity to obtain firsthand experience to develop a deeper, more complex understanding of the culture, particularly as it is evident in London. Analyzes the ways in which sexualities intersect with issues relating to interpersonal communication, mediated communication, popular culture, identity, and social movements. Offers students an advanced-level experiential learning opportunity working directly with a faculty mentor on an academic marketing research project. (4 Hours). (4 Hours). . Through a series of discussions, screenings, homework writing assignments, and in-class writing workshops, offers students an opportunity to gain the skills to produce commercially viable content. Focuses on how communication shapes perceptions and positions of social identity categories and how individuals and groups resist and transform identity and promote inclusion through communication. Consumers are at the center of the business value creation process; therefore, an understanding of consumer thoughts, feelings, and actions is critical for business success. (4 Hours). (3 Hours). Group Communication. Covers business-to-business marketing and the key roles of managing relationships with large buyers, going to market, and the sales organization. Features both an academic approach to writing in the field of rhetoric and a practical approach to writing persuasively for general audiences. Attribute(s): NUpath Analyzing/Using Data, NUpath Natural/Designed World, COMM2110. Opens New Window. Incorporates the latest research in marketing, psychology, and other behavioral sciences to help students develop evidence-based strategies for predicting and influencing consumer behavior. Students visit some of the key sites of fascist rhetoricand the rhetoric against fascism. Offers students an opportunity to practice real interviewing both as an interviewee and an interviewer. (3 Hours). For general inquiries, please contact our main office: 716 Columbus Avenue Suite 598 Boston, MA 02120 617.373.5718 City and Community Engagement For general inquiries regarding partnerships, events, and volunteer opportunities: 617.373.7666 email Communications For inquiries regarding media, public relations, news, and policies: Expects students to produce a major paper suitable for publication. Exposes students to ways of ethical reasoning across communication contexts, including organizational communication, social media, intercultural communication, mass media, and interpersonal communication. (4 Hours), COMM4102. The first half of the course explores the ethical and structural fundamentals of argumentation, including its main theorems regarding argument schemes and critical questions, argument structures and reconstruction, and fallacies and felicity conditions of valid reasoning. COMM2551. Sports Broadcasting. Offers an advanced-level experiential learning opportunity for students considering an academic career in marketing. COMM4602. Emphasizes the differences and similarities between writing content for streaming vs. broadcasting. Offers students an opportunity to complete a semester-long, intensive research and writing capstone project related to the field of strategic communication. Emphasizes the analysis of rhetorical texts but adds to it the contemporary dimensions of sound and images. MKTG4220. Brand and Advertising Management. COMM2900. Full-Time MBA Program Overview. Engaging Customers and Markets. Special Effects and Postproduction for Television. Introduces students to the multifaceted responsibilities of a brand manager, including understanding market trends and the competitive landscape; developing the brand story; conducting and analyzing consumer research to identify brand opportunities; creating and maintaining a brand budget; establishing and implementing cross-platform brand communication strategy; measuring brand performance; and executing marketing and advertising campaigns. Offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the communications industry. If you are faculty or a current student and are interested in submitting your work to Showcase: 102 Ryder Hall Offers students an opportunity to better understand freedom and limits to freedom, particularly in the realm of speech and expression. Studies the conditions of successful and valid human reasoning as manifested in its products (arguments) and procedures (debates and critical discussions). About the D'Amore-McKim School of Business: Founded in 1922, the D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University prepares the leaders that the times demand. New technologies offer the possibility of new forms of creativity, political engagement, and social life; they also, however, offer very real opportunities to cause serious reputational harm, promote damaging malicious speech, create new controls on creativity, and violate privacy. Culminates in a final project, in which small groups of students complete an episodic show that will be judged by a panel of professional television writers. have in conveying meaning and constructing and negotiating interpersonal relationships. May be repeated without limit. (3 Hours). Dean's Strategy Council. MKTG6287. MKTG6294. Sport and Spectacle. COMM2991. Explores the relationships between communication, social identity, and social inclusion. Offers students an opportunity to be able to reflect on and assess ones own competence in communication and how ones communication affects ones quality of life and to respectfully consider the ethical complexities of quality-of-life issues in both organizational and interpersonal settings. COMM2500. Assistant Director of University Recreation, Wellness and Marketing Fiona Greaves: Coordinator of University Recreation - Fitness . (4 Hours). Consultation Skills. (3 Hours). Average salary for Northeastern University Assistant Director Of Marketing And Communications in Auburn, NH: [salary]. Attribute(s): NUpath Analyzing/Using Data, COMM2303. Critiques historical and current examples of the intersection of sport and politics and applies relevant communication theory in written reviews of these events, how those events were covered by the media, and their societal impact domestically and globally. MKTG2720. Uses lectures, case discussions, team and individual exercises, and a project on creating a value-driven AI strategy to offer students an opportunity to begin to develop intuition behind modern AI technologies.
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