At this moment the sardines move from one place to another trying to survive and it is the moment when they start trolling in our boats with quality equipment, for this reason we must be very attentive and prepared to live the moment they are hooked in the trolls and a power struggle begins between the Fish and the lovers of sport fishing, these are the last minutes or hours of life of the fight of the King of the Pacific "El Marlin", the dorado or another fish that will touch you witness live. Light jacket or sweater. Subscribe here to get the latest updates news on all things fishing and hunting right to your inbox, Some of the add-ons on this site are powered by. Instead, he simply trolls a standard East Coast spread with two dredges, two squid chains and a pair of hookless lures or ballyhoo, and all fish are teased to the boat. Do not hesitate to contact your new Magdalena Bay home, remember that we have mastered all types of fishing for more than 60 years and we are waiting for you. This would mean a five-hour run, and we would have to leave the dock by 4:30 a.m. Ledbetter and I jumped at the chance and we found that the long run was not a problem at allwe simply hopped in the bunks and went back to sleep. . One of the best parts of traveling is the pleasant surprises that come along every trip. Show map . Within a couple of minutes of hopping into the kayak, a savage strike had ripped line from the spool. The ridges, peaks, banks, and underwater structure outside of Magdalena Bay offer some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. There is only one hotel for Magdalena Bay. Custom Fly Fishing Panga Package 7 days: $2950/person At The New Island Home, Includes air port transfers, lodging, and meals. Hi, no Wahoo never come inside the bay. So we hop out of the panga and begin casting a variety of sinking lines and Clousers into colliding currents. ENSENADA YELLOWTAIL GURU--Panga fishing at Ensenada with Vonny's Fleet includes a traditional Baja beach launch at the southeast corner of the bay for quick access to the prime fishing grounds at the tip of Punta Banda . 6) Fish the grounds for 5 to 6 hours and return home. Its all part of the adventure when kayak-fishing Magdalena Bay. Magdalena Bay fishing area weather was mostly clear in the mid-90s, with water temperatures at 78 to 84 degrees. . What makes the Magdalena Bay offshore fishing so astonishing is a convergence of conditions that occur in the fall. In the morning, the bait schools were bigger and were running together as a group, rather than trying to hide in a ball. Standard operating procedure called for fishermen to simply sit in their pangas for the short ride. Magdalena Bay Previous Entry. But know this: If youre thinking of just rolling down to DIY the bay, make sure you are highly competent in a boat. He knows fishing and is always ready. The frenzy attracts frigate birds that swoop in from above. We werent fishing, but were chasing birds and bait instead. . One time the marlin had moved on and we floated with six sea lions and what was left of the bait ball for probably 15 minuteswhen a new batch of marlin suddenly appeared and everything started anew. The best fishing offshore is Aug through December, inshore . Fishing in Mag Bay. Check out our videos just to see a trip or two when the cameras were rolling. An anglers skill set and a sense of adventure still has to be there. This same phenomenon happens in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, with sailfish; the boats look for frigates close to the surface, then run to them. La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico. Mostly they are out on the Ridge. As I get closer, the bluewater world comes into focus. When I see the first sailfish approach the baitball, I swim back to the boat. 3 Full Days of Fishing. On one day last year, they raised 143 marlin and released 50, all on fly tackle. We plan to send out a few more exploratory trips and may start running panga fishing there before the season is over. The engine that moved my kayak at several knots (enough to leave a wake) was a large striped marlin to which I was tethered with 50-pound braid and a 6/0 circle hook embedded securely in the corner of the fishs mouth. You, Its been a crazy year for humans but for fish its been just fine. Casting into feeding blitzes is common in these inshore waters. Call us today for more information or to book your trip (619)483-7315. Magdalena Bay is a gorgeous place to visit just for the pristine beauty, mangroves and giant sand dunes of the outer islands. If you are coming from a cruise ship we meet you at the Loreto Marina. During the calving season, the gray whales migrate to the Baja waters, and so do humans. Hundreds of miles of Mangroves Inshore for countless species Professional naturalist and bi-lingual guides. Hot b-fast, pre-pack lunch & cold beverage to-go. Most of the striped marlin are between 80 and 125 pounds; rarely will you see one surpassing 150 pounds, making them perfect fish for light tackle or the fly rod. Rumor has it that the record for conventional tackle releases at Mag Bay is close to 200 striped marlin in one day, which pretty much sums up this amazing fishery.. Magdalena Bay, or Baha Magdalena in Spanish, is a 50 km long bay, and about 200 km of lagoons and channels on the Pacific side of the Baja California Sur, in the municipality of Comond. The inside protected mangrove channels provide critical nursery habitat for a wide variety of species including: snook, corvine, bonefish, spotted bass, pargo, snappers, golden trevalle, broomtail grouper, sierra, Cortez halibut, leather jacks, as well as roosterfish. ADIOS LA PAZ CARNAVALE 2018! Doing battle with a striped marlin from a kayak typically results in a sleigh ride. It is a place for fly anglers not in search of banner day after banner day, but in search of unique, memorable events. including a link to the offer on the website and the exact price being quoted. We watch a reel getting emptied and watch the fish leap, flip, and dive. Larocque, the owner, uses 26-foot pangas as mother ships to transport kayaks, anglers and gear within and outside the bay. Mangroves and sand dunes ring the inner bays and are the hunting grounds of predatory fish, including big snook, grouper, and, apparently, golden trevally. Blue Skys trolling tackle was heavier than I normally usemost of their light tackle was on one of Korchinskis other boats, but they did have several smaller outfits that were used to catch bait and mahi, so we rigged them up with 5 feet of 60-pound-test leader and a 9/0 circle hook. Copyright 2017 - - All Rights Reserved. The ProKat seemed to be in good working order along with all the fishing gear. Today, BD has grown into the leading digital media platform for all things saltwater fishing, bringing our large and passionate community the best and most authentic fishing information in the form of fishing reports, fishing gear reviews, fishing recipes, saltwater fishing articles, tackle tips and more from coast to coast. What I mean is there shuttles rent a car or what transportation is there to get from airport to there and I offshore flyfish. Striped marlin are not easy to tease to the boat to begin with, and the ones at the bank seem to be well-fed and a bit more jitteryprobably because of the number of boats that chase them around. Wed run ahead of them and the five photographers in our group would plop into the water; the bait would swim over and use us as cover. Looking for someone to split boat 1st November. A chain of islands that serve as a barrier protect the bay from the vast Pacific Ocean, creating an ideal environment for a large population of marine life, including the most popular species of sport fishing. Marlin Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Meet at Hotel Isabela's B&B at 7:00am. Offshore 25 miles, the wind picks up and I hear it mix with the country music coming from our little travel speaker. About. It is protected by two islands - Isla Magdalena to the north and, Isla Santa Margarita to the south. 4) The Panga brings the kayaks out to the location so they are ready when we arrive in the boat. Best time to visit. The volume of commercial fishing in the bay can be overwhelming for some, yet eco-tourism and a mindset of supporting a healthy ecosystem has more than a foothold here. How far out is the ridge? Combination packages mixing cruiser, panga, kayak or beach fishing; Large groups and Seminars; Activities that include snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, kayaking, four wheelers, eco-touring and horseback riding . These places in the bluewater world are teaming with life, and they showcase the dance on a daily basis between apex predators like billfish, sea lions, and anglers. The extraordinary display of so many striped marlin crisscrossing and on the hunt for prey was mesmerizing. He says there are still cannon balls stuck in the rocks. But yea, there are some local captains that would love to get ya out there. :). Brian J. Cantwell. Silver Lining Kings. Whale watching sessions by Panga. This day tour is the ultimate whale watching experience in Cabo San Lucas - you will likely have the opportunity to see gray whales and their calves up close and personal in calm, shallow water, and the opportunity to pet the whales is not uncommon. Looking out onto the Bay of Banderas, this town is finely positioned for inshore and nearshore fishing, with deepwater action on offer in the Pacific Ocean just a few miles out. The pedal drives free up the kayakers hands when fighting fish, and reviving billfish. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Seven Store 2015-2017. The following day, a strong tide is rapidly dumping out of the river were fishing, exposing a sandy beach. modifications. The grounds we fish at are completely loaded with Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna . Because his goal is to release as many billfish as possible without permanent injury, the single hook is key: It wont impair the marlins ability to breathe or feed like a double-hook rig can. All rights reserved. Id heard stories about Mag Bays incredible striped marlin fishing from Smith and others for years, but not having a 60-plus-foot sport-fisherman at my disposal made it impossible to get there myself. Magdalena Bay Properties; Fishing Calendar; Booking Calendar; Contact Us; SPA; ADVENTURES; YACHT SERVICES; LOCATED IN SMALL FISHING VILLAGE OF LOPEZ MATEOS AND LORETO "Olivia" 22 LA PAZ PANGA . Baja is well known as a great place to whale watch. This means: It is for the same fishing charter, package and date(s), It has identical amenities attached (including the meal plan, cancellation policy, Smith told me they were at the Finger one day when there were marlin tails everywhere and everything imaginable was crashing a bait ball the size of an Olympic swimming pool: birds, dolphins, whales, marlin, mahi. Late September the water warmed up. Our SUV is bouncing along the dirt moguls of a dark road . Search top fishing charters in Magdalena Bay. Answer 1 of 4: Hi all, I'm going to try and keep up with an on-the-go TR for our 9 night journey through Baja Sur; helps to keep the details fresh and gives me something useful to do when I wake up before the crack of dawn. Custom Fly Fishing Panga Package 7 days: $2950/person At The New Island Home. Marco proudly operates Magdalena Bay Whales, but he may be in need of a name-change soon, as it seems flyfishing might play a more major role in his business. At one point, the crew in one panga shouted excitedly into the radio something about cow yellowfin swimming underneath the boat. Locally family owned and operated, "Proudly creating life-long memories" for more than 23,000 people in the past 40+ yrs. For more information email us at or click on the link Mag Bay fishing trips. Captain Frankie to make sure we catch as much fish as you can. Its one of Bajas last frontiers, but there are few other places on Earth where so many billfish congregate so predictably. Frozen in the blue quiet. But we never make it. For two days we take turns fishing this bite and entering the marlins underwater world. The area has numerous small commercial fishing villages where the expertise and fishing knowledge is passed down in families. Speaks great English and got us some (9) wahoo last September. Even with the detailed maps, finding the entrance to the channel he described was difficult. Smith has released more than 5,000 billfish on fly in his career. Magdalena Bay , 2/8/2023, National Geographic Sea Bird. I took it all in from a little plastic boat that weighs considerably less than I do, while rushing over the surface with no evident means of propulsion. In 2018, Eli Martinez of set up a trip to Mag Bay for photographers. No one just stumbles onto Magdalena Bay, unless they are cruising from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and can spend a few days fishing along the way. These dramatic openings attract gamefish amidst spectacular surroundings boiler rocks, sheer cliffs and herds of sea lions. Other times, there was a guy on the bow with a spinning rod, throwing some kind of lurehe also was hooking up regularly. 10%. I hop on a boat, shoot out in the morning, flip some baits around the red rooster III who just got there from a 3 day run. Striped marlin gorge on bait balls off far-flung Magdalena Bay, creating unparalleled action and record catch numbers. The currents here, as well as the volume of tidal flats, make navigating treacherous for the inexperienced. I wasnt alone in this contest. They werent lit up and there wasnt any bait in sight, they were just following the ones that were actively feeding. Anywhere from 40 to 120 miles depending on where you leave from and what part you travel too. twin 500 hp john deere turbo diesel. Our contact during the booking process was Marco: he was flexible with our requests about . A surreal feeling begins setting in as the soft light of evening meets the low slack tide. Behind me, Ricardo lets out a soft whistle that sounds just like a distant coyote. If you want to have a great time by the sea, Tag Cabo Sportfishing is your best bet. I imagine that the upwellings push the bait to the surface and thus the marlin follow close behind. That's our story! Some offshore destinations also require a boat ride across a sandy peninsula. Video by Spencer Millsap. As he fished, Promnitz watched a school of large sardines get picked off one by one by a wolf pack of a dozen marlin, using body language and coloration to communicate as they took turns teaming up on the baitfish, he told me later. It is one of the longest bays, it is considered the second largest in the Pacific. Reservations can be made by contacting Cary or Erika at Success Sport Fishing - 760-230-6331. Located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja Peninsula, Baha Magdalena, or Mag Bay, is one of the most legendary yet remote fisheries in North America.This 30 mile long bay, famous as a home to the gray whale during its southern migration, is formed by two sandy barrier islands named Isla Magdalena/Isla Margarita and provides incredible inshore and offshore fishing. All National Parks & Biosphere Reserve access fees required by itinerary. 4 STROKE YAMAHA OUTBOARD. What I found very interesting was that as I was swimming after the now-disappeared commotion, several striped marlin would come up to the surface and swim next to me. The local panga fishermen are mad as h*ll that the sardine and marlin are getting fished out illegally with up to 14 large industrial size boats going out of Magdalena Bay every night, each boat harvesting 100 - 200 tons of fish. The Lodge at Mag Bay offers a truly extraordinary experience. You can select from a day tour (US$450 per boat for five hours of whale . Bring in 5 Wahoo, a few tuna and dorado and head home for a Wahoo Ceviche dinner! We can customize your trip to include both mangrove and blue water days. Reels spin loudly to the tune of unknown breakoffs and the occasional Spanish Mackerel. This same apex bait-crashing behavior also happens within the bay and rivers, when snook and their fellow predators are on the bite. Depending on seas, etc its a little tricky to sport fish from a panga in those areas getting out in time and back. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Our guests stay at the Mangrove Inn, a new facility located just outside the port town of Lopez Mateos. The baitfish school together for protection; the ones on the outside are the first to get eaten, so naturally everyone wants to be in the center. Adults: $261.00 $235.00. 60'x17' 1,250 gallon fuel capacity. These static bait balls provided the best photo opportunities. Boat Specs - Success Sport Fishing | Fishing, Spearfishing, and Surfing Trips . Flyfishers will come to have a deep love and appreciation for Magdalena Bay, but not for the reasons we normally expect from a fishery. The MagBay Advantage; About; Wholesale Registration; Dealer Locator; Product Catalog FULL DAY TRIP 280 . Panga (Boat) Price: $595 for the whole day, price will include up to 6 adults. On morning number four of our trip, the cool bay air gives me goose bumps as we motor. I can deal with anything at all to get to the great fishing, but here the trip is simple, the place is fantastic, and the fishing is utterly ridiculous. (8 with children) maximum. All rights reserved. There are so few boats in Mag Bay that there is never any fighting over bait ballsbut Shafer doesnt chase them at all because he feels that it puts the fish down. The sea lions also were feeding on the bait when they werent nipping at the stripeys or growling at us. We build custom fly and light-tackle fishing packages that suit your plans, and your . Additional non-fishing guests may also be added to your room. Then the sleigh ride began. For fly fishing we have a custom panga package. View map . There are more fly anglers willing to travel now than ever before. Smith prefers tube flies with a single barbless hook: When the fish runs, the tube fly slides up the line, so there is a good chance to get it back when the fish is released or breaks off. Taxes. Possibly reel in until you give up for the day. Yet wed never read or heard any mention of golden trevally in Mag Bay until Nick held one in his hands. We hefted the bow to accommodate the new trailer he backed down, and soon we were again in the water, on the inside, headed back to the lodge under the rising full moon. My imagination is already running full speed when I look across the river and cant believe what I see. . Martinez had located lodging for us at the Hotel Alcatraz in Puerto San Carlos and secured a guide that ran a 25-foot panga. Mag Bay is about the size of San Francisco Bay, and the largest villages in the area are Puerto San Carlospopulation: 5,500and Lopez Mateos, which are a bit rustic to say the least. Nick answers my next question in the affirmative: Yes, John, thats a coyote trying to drag a giant snook into the mangroves. Max 4 anglers per cruiser. 8:30am Loreto bay and 9am Villas Del Palmar. It has moved onto the next stages, where perhaps more balance can be found with each fishermans son or daughter finding opportunity in new industries that are well-managed and well-regulated. Our plan was simple. Magdalena Bay; La Paz; Blog; Boat Specs Solid reinforced fiberglass hull. Throughout the years, many offered insights, stories and shared details about some of their favorite Magdalena Bay fishing holes: Gene . Our Mag Bay yacht charters are luxurious, affordable, and have all the amenities to fit your budget. They claim that they could have caught more, but everyone got tired of rigging up flies! Guided Grey Whale Watching. A chain of islands that serve as a barrier protect the bay from the . Then marlin happens Music is played loud over a marlin bite. Runs a panga from Mag Bay. What to target, and where, within the greater Mag Bay system, are decisions that might leave anglers second-guessing over a vast expanse of quiet water. Magdalena Bay fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the high-70s, with water temperatures at 67 to 73 degrees. I have been visiting mag bay since my youth. Magdalena Bay Whale Watching Tours from Loreto. Discover the amazing variety of fish Mag Bay has to offer! We know the longe range San Diego boats make it a destination for the 8+ day trips, they often make bait right outside of San Carlos on Isla Magdalena as well. length:7.25m/23 feet 8 inches - width 1.78m/ 5 feet 8 inches weight 1500 lbs / Made from Fiberglass. One of the most amazing sights at Mag Bay is watching hordes of striped marlin chase schools of Spanish sardines and tinker mackerel to the surface. Baja Flyfishing Co is excited to offer Lopez Mateos/Magdelena Bay as one of our destinations, providing access to several hundred miles of mangrove channels, pristine beaches and the fabled Thetis Banks. Jimmy is the guy! We offer all inclusive trips so you have nothing to worry about except enjoying your vacation. The waters are teeming with fascinating marine life, and the Baja peninsula is primarily known as a fishing paradise. Bright blue silence. A series of sea mounts, pinnacles and banks, such as the Thetis and Potatoe Banks, hold huge concentrations of fish in the fall and spring as the species make their annual migrations. The next morning, we ran 55 miles south in Enrique's panga to the estero that I believed to be Hoctor's spot. Mag Bay will give up nothing easy, but for anglers willing to put in the time, money, and casts, the payoffs can be fantastic. Camera (get ready for some superb images!) Around 12:00 noon we arrive in the small fishing town of Lopez Mateos, check-in to the hotel and get ready for an afternoon of whale . Trip Itinerary. package offer, etc.). But it is also the common name of the greater environment that surrounds it, including a series of massive barrier islands with their own bays and an active offshore ecosystem. It feels like the curiosity is mutual. A lively circle-hooked tinker mackerel is the perfect snack for a hungry striped marlin. Juan was fantastic and really went above and beyond to make sure our time there was special and unique. . Most of the sport-fishing boats that hit Mag Bay come from Cabo and run the 170 or so nautical miles north. In addition, Loreto's waters are home to other species like snapper and seabass, all year long. Driving in the natural scenery along Bajas mountain range we take you to Magdalena Bay to take pleasure and admire one of the most exceptional grey whales encounters; where we get close to experience them onboard a full-equipped, open boat "Panga.". The Finger Bank is so named because of three areas where the bottom rises from 3,000 feet to around 300; on the charts, they look like fingers. Many regions of Baja waters still remain untouched by the tourists so you can land upon a lot of rare catch. On kayaks smaller than the big Pro Angler such as the Hobie Passport models from which two anglers fished you can straddle the vessel with your feet in the water to increase resistance. The best fishing offshore is Aug through December, inshore there is pretty unique fishing year round. It is such a large area, with so many species and migratory aspects to the fish, thatunless you were to fish 12 months a year, through all the tides, moons, and weatherit would be nearly impossible to figure out this fishery. Mag Bay offers a sweet blend of elegant modern lines and the rustic California flare. A remote, isolated bay that sits some 120 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, there is not much in this part of the Baja. . The return trip took us perhaps 20 additional minutes when the wheel bearings in the old trailer failed halfway across the sand. Flyfishing is not remotely new to Mag Bay, but the current state of the sport absolutely is. We are in the Bahia San Francisco, not to be confused with the Bahia San Francisquito, there is the Bahia de Los Angeles and in general the names here are very Christian: Isla Espiritu Santo, Bahia Concepcion, Santa Maria, Magdalena Bay, Isla Angel de la Guardia, Asuncion, Todos Santos. Between these islands and smaller sand banks which . The gray whale spends summers in the waters off Alaska, and then heads 6,000 miles (almost 10,000 km) south to the warmer lagoons of Baja in January, February and March. Its normal for the whales to surround the boat, play around, and look you in the eye. Other than whale-watching, sportfishing is what sets Mag Bay apart. The sardine run is going to be extinct at this rate. Captain Aldo pulls me up easily, while Captain Ricardo nods and smiles knowingly. different, you still keep your existing reservation including the cancellation policy. This past su. A support team helps shuttle kayaks and anglers to the action surrounding Mag Bay. We build . All meals and beverages as indicated on the itinerary. These four books will tide you over on the days you can't be on the water, At 88, Ed Darwin has spent decades mastering his local waters of Chesapeake Bay, 2023 Active Interest Media All Rights Reserved. Sunglasses. With anglers launched, the pangas remain in proximity and in contact to bring bait, food and drinks, gear, or to pick up fish for dinner and put them on ice. Also whats the best way from Loreto to Lopez mateos. Difficult as this adventure might seem, you can catch more striped marlin in a week here than you can in a half-dozen seasons in Southern California. The area erupts with outstanding action in 2019. You know fishing is good when it has come to strictly catch and release on wahoo and even tuna. For over 18 years, family-operated Mag Bay Tours (U.S. tel. 5) Clients board the kayaks at the fishing grounds with full bait tank. Boulevard marina esquina marlin 1 lote C9 Col. Centro Cabo San Lucas B.C.S Mexico 23450, The Most Popular Water Sports That You Must Try Once. You can leave out of Lopez Mateos or San Carlos depending who you fish with. Double Room: $80. In 2018, Smith and Shafer spent 12 days in Mag Bay, releasing 317 striped marlin on fly. Magdalena Bay is the name for a 30-mile-long harbor with a collection of mangrove rivers and swamps near the bottom of Baja's Pacific Coast. Drake Magazine Back Issue Content: 2020 Summer Stranded on Socotra, Stranded on Socotra, The Quarantine and John Prine, Tarpon, A Mexican Introduction Fall Winter . It is a type of fishing like you have never seen before. Deluxe Cruiser , fly fishing guide, all fishing gear, lunch, water and bait. You can drive all the way to Mag Bay. Prices subject to change without notice. Are Wahoo in the bay too? On the other side of the islands, some of the most productive banks provide world-class fishing of pelagic species in large quantities, where each year in November, a natural phenomenon known as the Marlin run gathers in large numbers. A spectacular example of what biologists call "island endemism," Isla Magdalena also offers solitude, bay and ocean recreation, bird watching, hiking and spectacular views, all while being within reasonable distance of pleasant accommodations in the bustling fishing village of San Carlos. The fishing in Mag Bay is good all year round, just depends on what you want to catch! Mostly they are out on the Ridge. Filter results by: Price per Day. Korchinski had been toying with the idea of running up to the Finger Bank, some 60 nautical miles north of Cabo. 755 Paseo Obregon. 7 hrs whale watching and more. The two "foundations" of Loreto's sport fishing are the "dorado" and the "yellow tail" (Seriola lalandi dorsalis). 3. The best time - season to fish Magdalena Bay it's from early June to late December. We're hoping to fish for Wahoo. The cold waters of the California Current and the warm waters of the Donaldson meet over this structure, trapping massive amounts of plankton and krill against the structure that forms the Ridge. That begs some explanation. The closer the big fish get to the bait, the brighter they get with excitement. Any info would be greatly appreciated . Some of the thousands of fishing pelicans. With such a vast area, and countless species, time typically becomes a limiting factor more so than lack of fish. Each winter, adventurous tourists come to meet and touch grey whales that have come en masse to get their offspring through the first few months of life. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If you have always wanted to fishing in Mag Bay, there is no better option. Next season there will be a fleet of 25-35 Boston Whalers and perfect American built accommodations available in MagBay. Some boats continue to rack up double and a . Often there will be a half-dozen boats circling one bait ball. When the bite is on, Shafer will run the boat up from Cabo San Lucas, while Smith flies from his home in Florida to Cabo, then drives six hours to Puerto San Carlos where a local guide will ferry him out to the boat.