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Passports and Visas: Ensure member and/or dependents have the required passports and/or visa prior to final out-processing. 2014-05-22T10:47:06-05:00 X/Br/XFXfpCw/wCWmL/g1/riqjdXlpIiJHPG7mWKiqykn96vYHFUbirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirs /TrKbUDq9qIpiIJI7U6a0o9CaSSot4V9ROMsruXCDrUn7OIxYSar70SyZ4gm/uebSyyTTSTSsXlk saved Adobe Illustrator CS5 HFfjNKbYgG7tkZDhArfvQXl3QFt7q7I0qdDFSAHUbtp45AP92RAibrTqQDkmCZi0eO/uGFtDbosE True 2012-10-15T15:57:19-05:00 KievitPro-ExtraBold.otf Wilson Gate:CLOSED ZN8JHwSnUdL1XTJhBqVnPYzspZYriN4noGZCQrhTTmjL8wR2y2MhLkbaZRlHmKex/wDOLCKfNesO 1 Lackland is the only location for the Air Force enlisted Basic Military training, which falls under the 37th Training Wing. 8W70m2kZoYizBVK1DhqBgRUUoN8pDIowif0BJJL6UZHJn6bAV/a8cKHn2oX4GqTtbESRM5KnqPoI Version 7.504; 2005 The wing manages all airmanship programs for the U.S. Air Force Academy and serves as the single screening point for all hopeful aviators, including pilots, remotely piloted aircraft pilots, and combat systems officers. Buses run every 15-20 minutes and shuttle stops are clearly marked. xmp.iid:5202E76F7F23E2118077851DD07A88DB vbXRhnFyu3BXPEROnIyfY3O5374R4doPiUiPW8ymWVvQt1iVpfSQklnAA9KrCSgqa12wVjTc0PbX PKLAAA+KievitPro-Medium To place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. lqY4YlaQMOYVm6D6DKJBosQQeSD/AOcjBX8r7z4a/wCkW2/h+8G+Zeg/vQ4mvH7o/D73hfkfydb6 They take America's sons and daughters young men and women who have volunteered to serve their country in a time of war and develop them into airmen. False QTWhH2SKhsvDLDw1IEy/Hm4uaOXi9JAj+PJ53aedvMksxvYfNejz6RdyXlvZB7Sb1BLwCW4qumJ/ vX7+2Rlw70yHF1THIM3zLpCRyQQrKFYeipo0giFaL+0wP3ZsbIxiv1uvoHIbTH6tZ/77j/6Sk/5o Visitor Control Center. Base Defense Operations Center Phone. KievitPro ZTBSQEGbZq7yeAUBPaOO7HFz35d3v93yQOz51R4dhtz7/wC35vdfKvk/y95VsJLHQ7QWdvNKZ5o1 Personnel with authorized credentials allowing escort privileges may escort non-ID card-holding personnel in their same vehicle. TDABAA+KievitPro-ExtraBold Open Type RrPobtJ9b2fNe57sVdirVK4q6mKt4q7FVOBDHGAxBYks1OlWNT4+OKqmKuxVrFW8VdiqX67Es2lT Provide students from 117 countries the opportunity to increase their proficiency in the English language through its Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC). 256 USA. Winans Gate:6 a.m. - 9 p.m., Monday - Friday Security Hill landmark razed By Wayne Amann AF ISR Agency Public Affairs LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Texas - One-by-one, its metal panels were peeled away like a steel orange. To obtain a copy of the shuttle bus schedule, stop by the Military & Family Readiness Center located at 3060 Stanley Road, Building 2797. AAAAAAABAAIDBAUGBwgJCgsQAAIBAwMCBAIGBwMEAgYCcwECAxEEAAUhEjFBUQYTYSJxgRQykaEH Two child development centers on base have infant slots, but there is usually a waiting list. xmp.iid:6BF014B45A27E2118077851DD07A88DB False /ORTBfyvvQf2ri2A/wCRoP8ADMzQf3ocTXH90fh97568o+a9E0azkS6jmunniKTW7CT0wySlo1Xh 2012-11-05T09:09:18-06:00 Member and dependents are not allowed to final out-process without the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and dependents. On the other hand, it contains some of the oldest structures on any Army installation. KuxV2KuxVZLKkMTzSnikal3bwCipOIFqTSSf4mf9MjQxYy/WvT9fhXcQ8eXPlTh9r4Kcvtd8kADe vFUDBq2uazCZtKFnDAP3VzaX6SmeOQVDpIisoGFUbGNVsIkE00T21BzYRu3pHuKtJyaPwPUfLoFR 14560 2nd Street Building #2640 March Air Reserve Base, CA, United States 92518-0000. %PDF-1.5 % ACT/APSPD/XKfT5fa3+rz+x3Cf8Akn/6R4f64+ny+1fV5/YgpH1aGMySxhEHVjFHQV2/ky6McMjQ MyriadPro-Regular.otf 100.000000 100.000000 drAMG9lmQU/4bMLtIegHzczsz6pB9CeYmYWSKn25nMKEbENNG8an72zTO4TCWBHt3gHwIyFBQdAR p2Zzl8HvPmoE2zAGhMD7jqP30HjmndyE0+qXH/LbN90P/VPFDRs5yCDez0O2whB+8R4ql9h5WgsZ Subway - Security Hill. IGM6xiNpLlkeQkXNsUdQ6fC1AV3agpy2WojfTr+j3ODpJV12r7b97KIobVdSCpeRzXz28gu2aeH0 YeJ9syBx7XTiy8IA0S9O/wCcV0U+atacj4xYqA3gDKtR+GYPaR9I97mdmfVL4Poy/hSZ7NH6CcP9 6e7ls4GtJbuD+/tkMTSJ0+2g+Jeo64qw/wA56B+ZMutLceWb3S7LQkgHrwXMS+v6gD8yjfVrgDYq syEijAEUJGHwJ/zT8kHND+cPmtTz55YdolTWtIZpxygUajES6glapt8QqjDbwOPgT/mn5KM0P5w+ MyriadPro-Regular.otf 2012-11-30T13:26:38-06:00 Shuttle Services: Shuttle service is available to 21 locations on base. oJpyb7X7PyrglIDmzhAy5IoG2vYCjqHQgckO9O4NR94I+YwsEiudKt7nVbS81N3uLO0DLZu9PTLv ZLQBAA+KievitPro-Medium SPOT [5] False 5bpP+TVvmJrABMV3ORpZylEkm93kWhMViiIYr+4XcSiLsv7R/Vl0v7qLTj/vZJrIEmXhKea1rRrt All voicemails and emails must be titled "Water Restrictions," and must also include address/location and contact information within the body of the reporting email and/or voicemail. cNamKSYo23pNuQ3Mfy/5OZmj2BcPV8wnIWWRBGIdRaJW5LQk7sRz/Yp2+/Mj5OPSxVRtnt77iQAF 2012-10-15T15:39:46-05:00 2ANV7lD2G513RLWf0LnULaCcdYpJo0f/AIFiDgSviSSRXmVz64eRVqTxojlQvHpSg3piqT65LNpl SIUBAA+KievitPro ExtraBold 9S/5xXjJ82a1JUgCxVePY1mXc/dmH2kfQPe5nZn1SL6UmhEoX4mRkbkrLSoNCv7QI6HNM7hZ9Wm/ p63P4kZdkTi3xHbv/mRZtmBHgu90w7e/ywsEs1Q3ycbeyszcQXKzfWpFkEciHh8HDl3Y7Dww0DEr If it will be more than 30 days before you arrive, ask your sponsor to take a copy of your orders to the appropriate location. 9S59eMyEneNACfYB8ux5JkUKaMuOANytCTLZhQbd5Gau4dQBT6GOXQM73aZjHWzLvyo/5Sl/+YWX /;/metadata cIR6K/3iuw6L2j3zZk1iDpIi8hTThb/y23/Iqf8ArlXEfP5ht8MeXydwt/5bf/kVP/XHiPn8wvAP a6imVIow5jkVwOLOTWhNKVGKpdB5i0SW0t7WG8jmuIzArRxEyGqyIppxBqK9xhV5qfJnna5u7mQ+ The wing is the Air Force's premier cyberspace warfighting organization dedicated to delivering actionable intelligence and tactics, techniques, and procedures, deployable warfighter communications, engineering and installation capabilities, defensive cyber operations, and network security operations across the Air Force Information Network enterprise. z782fznvPIuuWmmwaXHfLc2wuTI8rRkEyOnGgVv5MzdNpBlBN04ep1XhECrYN/0NbqtSD5eg2/5e Of these, 24,702 are active-duty members. pxVWiZGiR0IZGUFSOhBGxxVdiqlCpiijjYjkNuvz6YquiQxqVJr8TH/giW/jiqpirsVUVuV9MPLS The base consists of 46,577 people. Provide modern technical training in security and law enforcement, military working-dog handling, combat arms, recruiting, supply, transportation, services, food preparation, and social actions. cgsilDSoIrQ4qk2nXnmNFiij0eIWbOxSY3YDCNpDRuAiP7HxAcvuwqidRe9tmuZIRQu6yAiJmqsa Learn about what child care and youth programs and services are available at this location. 2012-11-30T13:27:49-06:00 /IeDvl9n6nf8rU8w/wDLNZf8BL/1Xx8aS/yHg75fZ+pXt/zH813au1tZWkojKh+KSVHM0BI9fpXv The Urgent Care Center will see only 2 years of age and up. CMYK Version 004.460 vmboP70OHrx+6Pw+98+eXLPyc2lQz6pqgimDKJ7GO4nhnp6zB2X/AEWeGhjZSPjrsflm0yGd7D7P With 24 enlisted squadrons, three health professions squadrons, and more than 1,200 recruiters assigned throughout the United States and overseas, the recruiting service's mission is to inspire, engage and recruit the brightest, most competitive, and diverse young men and women for service in the United States Air Force. Security Forces may check any and all ID cards at any time. Mon-Fri 0700-1400 Sat-Sun & Holidays Closed. +Ubuf+Y6T/k1b5r9b9Y9znaP6HkGj8DBD6nCnor/AHgcjov++98vP91Fqh/elM6W3hb/APAz5Vv5 kohQUHbqB3zHymIOwcjGchjvIpprFpqmlNbLcwRK9y/poY0VwCwqQeQyWEb0Qwy5J8xIpNpPqN5g xzbhbx8amm1v0/4LCrXDz1/yzx/db/8ANWKu4eev+WeP7rf/AJqxVk9jDIbOE3saC54L6wAX7dN/ Programs and activities vary by installation but may include health and wellness opportunities or discounted ticket options. Provides support for deployment, relocation and financial assistance as well as installation specific resources such as employment and availability of support on the installation. To pick up mail go to Bldg 2017 located at 105 Hall Blvd, 210-977-2820. BAMC/I-35 Commercial Gate: 6 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday - Friday jtjPGwdHM0AhPwqwLIRKR9oCnT+mRkCeqYSAO4tKbTQr4X97d3EcU1vdbRWcpjX0j6kjM4eOFn5O yHHPvP8ApWfBj7h/plk1pCygQ+lG1dybhG28KUXJRySB3s/BE8cSNqHxUGsnVS3qwmgrQSqTt9OT Telephone. Members electing the accompanied tour will not be permitted to out-process without requiring passports/visas for themselves (if applicable) or dependents. KieviBolSC.ttf There is no shuttle bus service to off post sites. Kievit The water tower defining Lackland's Security Hill skyline since 1951 was being torn down. Department Store. Job specializations: eKoo9sVbxVZEgjTiDXcmp/yiW/jiq/FWganFW8VWnbvTFVjRczUs4HT4Wp0+WKugWReYckqDRKmp I0n1vZswHPdirWKt4q7FXYqkWs+abfRrsWksDysUD8lIA3JHf5YqgP8AH1n/AMskn/BLhpXf4+s/ March Air Reserve Base Installation Address & Phone. . /;/metadata Several 37th Training Wing staff agencies were realigned to maximize operation training and support missions throughout the base. ZdAISoWfcP2qn6a8uf8AUp6L/wAiV/7JMPiny/Hwa/yflL5D9aDbzVoSsVHkbTGoSKiCOh/6dch+ False Base Housing: Base housing is limited, but there are numerous apartments and single dwelling rentals in the community. Anything that comes in after that date as General Delivery mail will automatically be placed in the assigned box. TP6VzLCtA0u54Io+/FVnl+60HVLb1IxHdStI55ukkjFD8aMHnRXaP02UK9OJ6A4oRUNk1tfyJZRx Lackland Air Force Base ( IATA: SKF, ICAO: KSKF, FAA LID: SKF) is a United States Air Force (USAF) base located in Bexar County, Texas. Unknown Version 2.062;PS 2.000;hotconv 1.0.57;makeotf.lib2.0.21895 h6LYTST2On21pNKAsssEMcbMo6BmUAkYDMnmVEQFDWb17J1uUUO8cElFY0BrLCvb55FKrJqywzxw BAMC/I-35 VCC: 24/7 SM0aMgp+6WtVLftYAN2RncQK5Kt5Ifq91xYxmOIn1AGbiaMa8VoTTrQYnkiAuQSPSYL2e2ttYuLs Driving On Base: Vehicle drivers will not use hand-held devices such as cell phones, two-way radios, or electronic devices, such as personal data assistants (PDAs) while driving a vehicle. Pick up mail at building 9122 near the intersection of Carswell and Truemper Avenues, 210-671-9476/9477. Members electing the accompanied tour will not be permitted to out-process without having the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents. FOvBOTVu5IuKH4UH+7uXWm/zwUSd2XjRxRuMepH+lv8AUhptBdWgWKYH1U9RmcFVRRFDKfs8if72 Shuttle Services: Anyone with official business on post may use the post shuttle buses. fFXYq7FXYq7FUHqMhjNqwZEAlNXkNFAMT79q/fiqA1Cw0jVAq6leJPCKhrVZAkDVofiSrVIpsa4q xmp.did:73445AE5C3E1E311A9829A81071EB1D8 Version 2.062;PS 2.000;hotconv 1.0.57;makeotf.lib2.0.21895 SIjp8s0zuGE/mJr3nOy81aLYaHfW9hZTW81xePciHg6QyRiUgzcd4Y35lVdfhqSdsUso8leYrnX9 Kievit-BoldSC 2484 Stanley Road. Mail Facilities: There are two temporary mail facilities on Lackland AFB. Temporary Billeting: Call 210-357-2705 for reservations or additional information. Qhr6Kx3TM/x8abUK77bAjHqZSNV9/wCpcujhAXZ+xi9zD5HWGf6td6g84jrbh4IVQyUNFciSoFaD 1r1tqMkKy2gtT6jwwuknrvTkSdmCsWdk+z2J6FfiY8zfwZSqhXPr+xC2VhJaQXFxHdSc9Qe1dh9W / ExtraBold 7zPz8/2FlHlzRfzP8zealvhq2t+XNPjR71LTUY7l4Ax1CYx2bIZLQyD0AhJ5MeO1QOIFGSeKEKqM FeDUdRJWtFmupJ13FN1m5qfuxVFTaNFNJ6k0rSSUC83jt2NASQKmLpucVVIdOaGNYobqSOJdlREg The automated base operator can be reached 24 hours a day for additional listings, 210-652-1110 or DSN 312-487-1110. a23Q5qTqT3PRQ7KjKIPFS+DX/L00Ykbyfo8RNfheBK/haHJRzktOXQCEqFn3AfrXvrnl1VZh5R0Z 0 Reviews. IiLHwJd32r+Yh3rJtQUJ+4cs9ejwxAU+iuSjgN7hjPUCtilxJYlj33zJApxSbNs0/Kg/87SwpX/R 100.000000 Joint Base San Antonio (Lackland, Randolph, Sam Houston), COMM phone number for Joint Base San Antonio (Lackland, Randolph, Sam Houston) Installation Address, DSN phone number for Joint Base San Antonio (Lackland, Randolph, Sam Houston) Installation Address, Map:,+Lackland+AFB+TX+78236-5113, Emergency Contacts for Disasters & Evacuations. Magenta sSfrNtQjt+86nMzs/wDvQ4ev/uj8PveC/l9c6+qmztZ4Vsrji07yXZheK3MjCeNV9eBKSemGkR+t Visit the Air Force Housing website to find your new home with the Air Force. axRcJTD6a+tJOFrxm+KvfYVyRz9a8msYOl780WPy8ueTM10VhW/ayMvomnpKWT6x9un2148K/TkP rlyzavOZYgGKRso41LVoq0H35CMeD6Uk3zVolWb6vDFaRyemG5UPAv8Aaf43qO3T5ZmaMmi4etG4 Shuttle Services from Airport: Taxi and shuttle service is also available from the San Antonio International Airport to Randolph. Passports and Visas: Passports and Visas: Ensure members and dependents have the required passports or visa before final out-processing for an overseas assignment. All inpatient care has been moved to Brooke Army Medical Center. On the one hand, it is a major, active military installation that plays a vital role in defense of the nation. 2012-10-31T12:21:41-05:00 210-671-6174. Version 2.062;PS 2.000;hotconv 1.0.57;makeotf.lib2.0.21895 t+vLpn91Frx/3sk1kjuQhMUbs/YNaxgffvlUTG9/vb5CVbIemrf8sw/5EJ/zRllYe9pvN3KMtnqE 38.000500 However, if you are unable to contact your sponsor prior to or upon arrival, contact your Commanders Support Staff during normal duty hours. Randolph Field was dedicated on June 20, 1930, as a flying training base and continues in this mission today. An official website of the United States government. EmbedByReference Starting midnight, March 1, 2021, installation entry control points will return to normal entry and visitor procedures. Temporary Billeting: Contact the Randolph Lodging office in Bldg. Moore St, Provide the best secure mission experience for the Air Force ej+JkthqjX6COaWOKaOgnjqtWJ/ajrWoPfKgyK69mgtFmRX5SFtohuZBQMvv8O9TkgxYBrd7f390 This blend of old and new gives today's Soldiers pride in a history that dates back over 150 years. Members without a Command Support Staff attachment will in-process with the Customer Service Office/ Finance office and at this point information for the Welcome Center/Newcomers Orientation is provided. aGlfq8e//Ttm2ho4yiDxPOZNZKMiK5Nf4p0L/qRtN/6R4/8AsmyX5GP85h+el/Nd/inQv+pG03/p BoldSC ExtraBold ZLQBAA+KievitPro Medium dAa9P2mxVR83RtfeW9W062V5rm4tZoo0jVjWRkIVSwHEVPicVY/BBFP5p0u6tEBjsrJIL0qCpjnl xmp.iid:FCA2D8247C23E2118077851DD07A88DB QkkyxfGnppxYgOenauSgbNNeowiEeId9IiS/e5DW5hBglUlpGqQUMpiZWWgI+Df/AGt58NOLxWh1 Cyan 100.000000 If you have questions, they can be contacted at 210-652-3569. If you would like to make a call on the Defense Switched Networkplease use the following guide: Fort Sam Houston finds its roots as far back as 1845 when the Army established a garrison in San Antonio. Medium ejNqKj6xPcHk0IP2o4d2NPeo+WCGKZNyPJlPLjAqI5sSzIcdrFDsCs2/Kj/lKH/5hZf+JR5j6v6H JBSA-Camp Bullis and JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: 210-221-2244, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - WUmh0jVr17YWovm+GFiFSIQwLARy2qWeNmoq9Tucunz5248eST/85Fmn5X3hoT/pFt07fvB1zJ0H On Feb. 3, 1948, the facility became Lackland Air Force Base, Gateway to the Air Force. EmbedByReference KXGAAA+Kievit MediumSC qaXEsLiKYvfRqEkbmAjVXZj6L7H+VvA5YMMz0PyazmgOZHzU388+W44Ypn1nSUhnVngkbUIgrqpK You must follow up with a phone call to confirm receipt of your FAX at Commercial 210-652-3569, DSN 487-3569. saved JBSA-Randolph: 210-652-5700, An official website of the United States government, Wednesday only: 6 a.m.to6 p.m. (inbound and outbound), The Premier Installation In The Department Of Defense.