Explore Santa Clara County's open spaces and enjoy lakes, mineral springs, migrating birds, wildflowers and more while learning about Silicon Valley's rich culture, history and wildlife. information. This grassroots environmental organization, which has chapters across the country, was started by legendary outdoorsman John Muir here in San Francisco back in 1892. ', HikanByke'We are a non-profit group of single friends, dedicated to sharing the enjoyment of activities, such as biking, hiking, skiing, jogging, dining and camping, in a supportive, non-threatening atmosphere. ', Bay Area Orienteering Club'In orienteering, 'the thinking sport,' you use a map and compass to navigate a course through unfamiliar terrain. And theres no denying the benefits of exercising while spending time outdoors. Link: https://www.meetup.com/east-bay-travel-hiking-club/ There are day hikes,. You can also sign up for a monthly email newsletter to get news, events, and campaign highlights delivered to your inbox. The facts are pretty clear; there are many benefits of hiking. Young at heart, for sure. Bus riders should check routes and schedules to arrive before the posted meeting time. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a cross-country competition. Mixed bag of fast/slow. Tamalpais, or Pinnacles, to name a few. This post may include affiliate links. Whistle - Helps if you get separated from the group. You can usually find information on local hiking clubs by using the internet or by asking those that you know for recommendations. 2009 - 2023 Bay Area Older Adults Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our walks will cover six to eight miles and be fairly strenuous. Our participants are single Jews from around the Bay. Most are moderate, some are easy. How to find hiking groups for seniors near me Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . This group has hosted over 560+ events in the past and typically has one event each week. Weve rounded up the best clubs that will give you a good adventure but not be such a serious affair that youll be overwhelmed. Curse the spammers. However, dont let your loved one explore new trails alone. 2. When your loved one takes a hike, they are not only exercising, but they also get in tune with nature. Of course, consult with your doctor before embarking on your hiking adventure. Many seniors spend a lot of their time cooped up indoors. Having others push your pace and keep you motivated while hiking will definitely help with your training. Carpool points in San Francisco and the East Bay are sometimes listed. In addition to going on traditional hikes with each other, there are many members who like to travel to distant locations. Learn more about these benefits, some safety tips, and essential gear needed for hiking. Fort Lauderdale / Miami 45 plus- Walks and Hikes in South Florida Let's Explore South Florida! ', CONFUSED'We're an informal group of outdoor enthusiasts based in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, who get together to organize and enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds. Bay Area Hiking Club, San Jose, California. It is a great way to get some exercise in, learn more about the local parks in the area and make some truly fantastic friendships along the way. These shared experiences will increase your bond will your fellow hikers you meet at these events. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. Call for more information: 510-524-9992 or 510-215-7672. This is also a forum for finding hiking partners and setting up group hikes.' Berkeley Path Wanderers There will be many events posted that you either cannot attend or do not want to attend -- you DO NOT have to RSVP No if you do not plan on attending. C: 2,000 to 3,000 If you are not already a BAO member, and want to join to receive discounts, please Click Here before registering for the events. To attend, be at the Montclair Rec. Message me if you need to mail the dues. Today, in addition to defending the planet by campaigning against policies that would harm our dear Mother Earth, the organizations Bay Area chapter hosts between 25 and 35 hikes each month. Here is my email address. It provides a valuable service for those wanting to form groups. If you missed any of our programs and classes you can watch them here in the comfort of your own home. Description: Urban & Bay Hikers (Hiking) is for those that want to explore the wonders of the entire Bay Area through urban hiking and trail hiking. Granby, CO. YMCA of the Rockies - Snow Mountain Ranch. The group requests a donation of $20 per person. This page is intended to present a list of the numerous ', Contra Costa Hills Club'Plant a seed. Hiking in and near San Francisco will take hikers to breathtaking views of the coast, into towering redwood forests, deep into majestic canyons, and to the top of mountains with sweeping views of the vistas. 3: 10 - 15 Dogs or other pets are permitted only on outings that are pre-advertised or otherwise identified as dog- or pet-permitted outings. 1. ". Other ways we characterize a hike is by the region where it is located, whether it . Description: East Bay Travel Buddies, Adventures, Local Hikes, & Trips is for those that want to go on local hikes, day trips, and international adventures. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Check out the groups description and ask their organizer what the goals are and if they have changed over time. Every step you take strengthens your core, increases bone density, and your muscles. Hiking with someone that loves hiking just as much as you do can be fun and exciting. Activity Sections are organized around either an activity, such as hiking or backpacking, or a social theme, such as Sierra Singles. Different levels of fitness are accommodated. Its fun, its healthy and its FREE. Our hikes are geared towards adults, and therefore, may not be appropriate for children. Location: San Francisco, CA Hikes are different from regular walks and other exercises. B: 1,000 to 2,000 The Senior Group does not generally schedule hikes beyond those classified as 2B. https://www.meetup.com/Urban-Hiking-Happy-Hour/, https://www.meetup.com/east-bay-travel-hiking-club/, https://www.meetup.com/Urban-and-Bay-Hikers/, https://www.meetup.com/SF-Hills-Stairs-Trails-Urban-Hiking-Club/, https://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Hiking-Club-Meetup/. Hike with friends, professional care worker or a dog, Take it slow for a low impact way to connect with nature, Tell someone of where you are going for the hike, Avoid aches and pains by stretching on your hike. Pet-permitted outings must be only to places where pets are legal, and must be only to places that are acceptable to the Chapter's outings and conservation committees. Not consenting or withdrawing consent, may adversely affect certain features and functions. The best part: these hikes are open to everyone, not just members, and are free (unless stated otherwise). The Space Coast Hiking Meetup Group Brevard Outdoor Adventures Brevard Outdoors with kids Indian River Outdoor Social Fun Daytona Beach Go Outside and Play! You agree to indemnify and release from liability the leaders of this group against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees which may arise. DAY TRIPS Grow a tree. Although the Sierra Club believes in the desirability of car pooling, leaders must not organize car pools. Carpool riders share any entrance or parking fees. Hikes are listed on the Chapter Activities Calendar. Our hikes are rated from easy to difficult.Our hikes and activities are usually in the northern San Francisco bay area and are alcohol-free. So whether traveling with a senior group, with family or a caregiver, or solo, here are the best day trips for seniors in the Bay Area. But when you introduce your aging loved one to hiking, they will have new trails to explore, new plants and flowers to discover, different birds to watch, and hiking may suddenly become something they enjoy. Why Hiking in Nature is Good for the Body and Mind. View photos from past Bay Area Older Adults' events. Jewish Adventure Club of South Florida Mosaic Outdoor Club of South Florida Hikes are open to everyone. An event is generally planned on either Saturday or Sunday each weekend. Although the number of members may be large for some groups, the number that is important is the actual attendance. Find a group that fits your current skill level so you dont feel like youre going too fast or too slow. This list of the top 8 hiking groups in San Francisco is only just the beginning. But we've been enjoying walking in Tilden Park in Berkeley for almost 15 years. Sierra Club See pictures and a list of past outings on our website. Cost to Join: Free Please make sure that you click Yes to RSVP so the leader knows who and how many will be attending. If you are unsure of your ability, contact the leader and find out what is planned. Plants and not the type you smoke and many other aspects of nature have a way of soothing the mind. More will be added as I become aware of them. There are direct flights from Gatwick and Stansted to Nantes-Atlantique Airport, located about 60 km from Saint-Nazaire, with transport from the airport on the TER regional transport network or by bus.By train, Eurostar takes 2 hours and 16 minutes from London to Paris, then there are 13 TGV intercity services each day from Paris-Montparnasse to Saint-Nazaire, taking . Description: Urban Hiking & Happy Hour is for those that want to do walks and urban hikes on weekend afternoons. You can join hiking events that are more casual and slow-paced to just enjoy the sights and sounds on the trail. Do you have time to attend all the monthly or even weekly meetings? Where no link exists, drop me an e-mail for more Overall, the meet-up has a cool and casual vibe, so there will nearly always be someone to linger behind with you if youre a slow hiker. Nothing special there then. Between 25 and 35 hikes are scheduled each month on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and most holidays. 8. You will want to find a group that is easily affordable for you. So do we!! The Sierra Magazine is sent to you if you are a member of the Sierra Club. Use this list as a start to explore some of the many hiking groups available in this great city. But then there are groups that provide much more. There are two guarantees when you live in the Bay Area: There will be fog, and there will be hikes. SWAG had its beginning in April 2012 when our original leader, Wendy realized it was time for her and many of us to either get in shape. Members travel to and from the trailheads every Monday by chartered bus. Bay Area Older Adults - Expand Your World Explore BAO Event Categories DAY TRIPS SPECIAL NOTICE: All attendees MUST be fully vaccinated. What about your workout routine? There are groups that focus specifically on pace and tackling longer hikes. A majority of exercises move the body in two directions; however, hiking moves the body every which way as you sidestep slippery pathways, as you climb over rocks and fallen trees. These meetings are often used to plan hiking trips, discuss the latest hiking gear, and so forth. Tell me about your experiences hiking as a senior in the comments below. Diablo State Park for its 700,000 visitors each year. View all Clubs. ', BayAreaHiking (Email list group) 'A forum for discussing hiking and backpacking in and near the San Francisco Bay Area. Location: San Francisco, CA Riders are expected, as a matter of courtesy, to reimburse drivers to cover the transportation expenses of the trip. Description: California Camping & Hiking Bay Area Back-Country Buddies is for beginner to expert hikers.This group focuses on camping and hiking, think of it as summer camp for adults. Another consideration you should have before joining a group is what the groups goals are for its members. Even a 5-minute hike has the power to boost your mood. Leaders are not obliged to stay past that time. BAO members receive a discount on the events. Explore Santa Clara County's open spaces and enjoy lakes, mineral springs, migrating birds, wildflowers and more while learning about Silicon Valley's rich culture, history and wildlife. In the Bay Area, its no surprise there are a ton of clubs with the sole purpose of bring people together to experience the outdoors. Full day adventures with educational tours in the morning and afternoon to learn about other cultures, nature's ecosystems and cutting-edge science; visit historic treasures and experience gastronomic adventures outside Santa Clara County. Depending on where you live, there is a good chance one already exists. For instance, there are clubs that have monthly or even weekly meetings. ', Lafayette Hiking Club [No web page available. However, during your senior years, it can be challenging to step outside and take a hike. ", WAISTManagement (Email list group)"You're welcome to join us. Make new friends! Walking Groups for Over 50's - How to Find and Join a Club Near You January 6, 2022 Walking groups are becoming increasingly popular with over 50's across the UK. BAO Premium Members ($50 annual fee) receive up to 50% discount and Basic Members (free) receive up to a 25% discount on BAO events. The squirrel will come and sit upon your knee, the logcock will wake you in the morning. Copyright text 2017-2023 by Graying With Grace, LLC. Diablo Regional Group (hikes are listed at Mt. We usually schedule at least one activity each weekend - day hikes, city hikes, potlucks as well as special weekends. By signing up, you are opting in to receive periodic communications from the Sierra Club. Most of our hikes are in and around the Bay Area. We rate them based primarily on distance and total uphill/total downhill from A (easy), B (moderate), C (challenging), D (difficult) to E (demanding). ", Sonoma Land Trust"Sonoma Land Trust conserves scenic, natural, agricultural and open land for the future of Sonoma County. Center on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. sharp (unless noted) to make up car pools. Lets Get Over the Hill Together! Although there is a good chance that you will be able to find a group near you to join, you can also always start your own. We do a monthly hike. We are a fun group of people who enjoy getting out and doing things together whether it be walking, hiking or any other adventure anyone can think of. ", Muir Heritage Land Trust"Mission Statement: To ensure a lasting quality of life for future generations by preserving and stewarding open space and fostering environmental awareness. Please email. Are you familiar with that feeling of mmmah! Recent conversations with Sierra Club members across the US illustrated the power of grassroots advocacy, A report lists the status of the fish as critical. We're a group of "40 somethings" (I keep saying that but someday I may have to bump up the number :-). All events start at the time indicated. The best place to find tips on your upcoming hiking trip! Discussion of points farther afield (for example, the Sierra or North Coast) is also welcome. ), Bay Area Jewish Singles Hiking Club'We plan a variety of interesting events for enjoying the outdoors throughout the Bay Area and meeting people in a relaxed, informal way. 1. When not promoting better living for older adults, he enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking and early morning runs. Full information on each hike is given in the calendar listings. Tag along with me as you explore how to hike safely and gain confidence on the trail. Please check the website prior to the event in case there are any changes. Location: San Francisco, CA Description: SF Hills, Stairs & Trails Urban Hiking Club is for hikers who want to hike in the city and exploring the urban paths. We have a variety of hikes posted. Were the editing team behind The Bold Italic, an online magazine celebrating the free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco. Conservation-Companionship-Hiking', Dave and Bill Hikes [in Sonoma County]'In December 2005 we became volunteer hike leaders for the Sonoma County Regional Parks. There are many groups that have been around for more than two decades and many members have come and gone. Sierra Seniors - Hiking Information Hiking Schedules The hiking schedules (previous and future) can be found by clicking here. **REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED** Please click the registration button below to register for the events. Send for a free schedule. ", South Bay Ramblers"A new group is forming in the South Bay with the goal of gathering people together to have fun, while getting plenty of exercise and making new friends. They also have happy-hour events around the Bay Area to keep the group connected outside of the nature activities too. You may also want to take your schedule into consideration as well. Senior Walkabouters & Adventure Group -- "SWAG" Santa Rosa, CA 197 members Private group ? HIKING Most of our hikes are in and around the Bay Area. No matter the theme, our outings and activities are open to all. Cost to Join: Free Hike and walk ratings consist of a number-letter code where the number is the distance and the letter is the amount of uphill climbing. Link: https://www.meetup.com/SF-Hills-Stairs-Trails-Urban-Hiking-Club/ Schedule. Of course not! For indoor settings, face masks must be worn when not eating or drinking. How Do Knee Braces Work & How They Can Help Hikers, Use Yellow Mustard for Muscle Cramps When Hiking. Their goal is to educate and train a new generation of hikers who are physically fit, mentally strong, and confident to take on lifes challenges. If your hiking club schedules meetings periodically, that may be a condition of belonging to the group, not just attending the scheduled hikes and backpacking trips. The trails in San Francisco will take you right up to the base of giant redwoods, along the beautiful coastal trails, through serene forest groves, and to panoramic views of towering mountains. Come join us and be a part of our family. An important benefit of hiking for seniors is exercise. Something went wrong. Even if you are vaccinated please consider the preferences of your walking partner. Come join us and be a part of our family. Sierra Club and "Explore, enjoy and protect the planet" are registered trademarks of the Sierra Club. When the years start catching up, its easy to lose ones zeal and enthusiasm for the outdoors. In very hot summer weather, some hiking areas may be closed to public use because of fire danger. [Video], Best Budget Lightweight Backpacking Gear For Beginners, How Does A Gravity Water Filter Work [Videos], Explore Loop Trail Hiking at Garrapata State Park, Scenic Family Hiking on the San Joaquin River Gorge Trail, 11 Unspoken Rules of Hiking Trail Manners. Our membership includes folks who live in Oakhurst, Mariposa, Bass Lake, Coarsegold, North Fork, Fresno, Clovis and beyond.. Sleep in forgetfulness of all ill. Of all the upness accessible to mortals, there is no upness comparable to the mountains., - John Muir,The Writings of John Muir V: Mountains of California II.